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Quick Details

Per car
1 Hour 2 People per car
2 Hours 2 People per car
3 Hours 2 People per car

Are you ready to explore Funchal in a stylish and green electric car? Let’s ride!

If you are an adventurous traveler, Spinach Tours is the perfect way to make sure your trip to Funchal, Madeira, is memorable! Do you like to drive and have some fun while learning cool facts about a destination? Then, discover what Spinach Tours has to offer 👇

The Spinach (our cars) are vibrant green, electric and quite talkative! We’ll give you a tablet with the Spinach app which shows the route you have to follow. When you pass by one of the points on the map, the Spinach will share historical and less known facts, but in a fun way! Yes, that’s our goal, making culture cool 😎

All our tours are self-drive, this means you just need to rent a Spinach, learn the ropes with our short briefing and you’ll be prepared to go. The Spinach are easy to drive and the GPS on the app will keep you on route. The good thing is that you can book one or two hours and choose to do more than one route, or to take it slow and stop once in a while to appreciate the views and soak in the moment. Each experience is unique, because it is adjusted to each person’s likes and wants 😊

Ready to have some fun on wheels? 

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