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2 hours experience

Spinach Tours will make any city your own playground!

When you embark on this Albufeira sightseeing journey, you’ll start near Jupiter Hotel, on the northernmost part of the town. From there, you’ll go in direction to the Oura Beach, one of the main ex-libris of this area.

Along the way, you’ll pass by the old bullfight arena, now converted to a shopping mall and apartments, a true sight so see, like the Strip, one of the best-known streets in Albufeira, filled with bars and restaurants with the most bizarre decorations. Praia da Oura is one of the best-known beaches in the whole Algarve region, an incredible paradisiac site and one of the most sought out in the hottest days of the year.

From there, and always with a view to the amazing Atlantic Ocean, you’ll pass by the fishermen quarter, an old part of town with quaint old houses that are at the same time fascinating and beautiful in their own way.

Following this, you’ll get to the Pau da Bandeira belvedere, a presence in all postal cards from Albufeira. The view to Praia dos Pescadores and the Old Town of Albufeira is priceless and you won’t forget this scenery in a long time. Next stop is the Marina, which allows for incredible photos and may or may not contain a secret spot of the experience. Also ideal to fill your eyes with the intense blue of the Ocean.

The Albufeira Matrix church, next stop on the way, was built in the XVIIIth century, replacing the old church that crumbled during the Big Earthquake of 1755, it is Neoclassical in style and holds an altarpiece from the famous local painter Samora Barros.

You’ll also pass by the possible roads to go through in Albufeira downtown and get to see the commercial streets where all the best restaurants are located. All of this while being informed about your surroundings by our talking electric car, the Spinach.

It will tell you stories, anecdotes, sing you songs and show you montages of old time Albufeira that are really incredible.