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1 hour experience Two per car
2 hours experience Two per car

Spinach Tours will make any city your own playground!

Funchal Express – 1 hour

Our eco-conscious convertible vehicles offer the ideal way to explore the historic district of Funchal during this one-hour tour that showcases the town’s key attractions. Your journey begins in proximity to the new CR7 hotel, named after the renowned Portuguese Football superstar.

From there, you’ll proceed through Santa Catarina Park, which is home to an array of exotic plant species.

Continuing along the route, you’ll traverse Avenida do Mar, an elevated road that provides panoramic vistas of the Marina, the Saint Lawrence Fort, and the distinctive structure of the Regional Assembly.

This scenic experience also takes you past the bustling Farmer’s Market, through the authentic old quarter of Santa Maria, and up to the Socorro viewpoint. Here, you won’t be able to resist pausing to admire the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.

No visit to Funchal would be complete without traversing one of the many tunnels that riddle this island, often humorously referred to as the “Swiss Cheese Island.” Your tour will also encompass notable landmarks such as the Cathedral, the charming Town Hall Square, and the Municipal Garden, which boasts an impressive array of unique and vibrant flowers.

Throughout the journey, our witty electric car will regale you with informative commentary about your surroundings, interspersed with some light-hearted singing and unforgettable island anecdotes. So, come on board and embark on this delightful adventure!

Churchill’s Bay Tour – 1 hour

 If you’re drawn to mesmerizing sea views and yearn to explore the natural beauty of Madeira, head west to the charming village of Câmara de Lobos. This historical fishing village, one of the island’s earliest settlements, gets its name from the abundance of sea wolves (seals) that once graced its shores at the time of the Portuguese arrival to Madeira.

Your adventure commences near the CR7 hotel, and you’ll follow Avenida do Infante until you reach the awe-inspiring Estrada Monumental, aptly named the “Monumental Road.” This picturesque coastal route will treat your senses to the invigorating scent of the sea, and you’ll feel like a seasoned sailor, comfortably navigating our chatty electric car. With the wind tousling your hair and its clever banter and tunes in your ears, you’re in for a delightful journey.

As you traverse the landscape, our animated car will regale you with tales of Madeira’s history and fascinating anecdotes that you won’t soon forget. It will also expertly guide you to this hidden gem that even inspired Winston Churchill to immortalize its beauty on canvas.

On your return trip, you’ll encounter glimpses of traditional agriculture, sprawling banana tree fields, and the renowned Lido, the real gem of a beach in Funchal. All the while, you’ll struggle to resist the temptation to halt and capture countless snapshots of the breathtaking vistas along this route. But don’t worry, the Spinach, ever versatile, fits perfectly into your plans and will ensure you stay on course.

You have the freedom to choose your preferred route, whether it’s immersing in the history and culture of Funchal City Center, embarking on the adventurous voyage to Câmara de Lobos, or even experiencing both. The Spinach’s media content, with its unique audio and video offerings, keeps your journey engaging, with no repetition. Plus, you have the flexibility to extend your expedition while aboard the Spinach, making it a truly personalized and unforgettable adventure.

All-In-One – 2 hours

 If you’re into knowing everything there is to know about Funchal and enjoy both its center and a trip to Câmara de Lobos, you can prebook the 2-hour experience. This one will include all of the content at a special price.

You can pre-book the two hours beforehand and make sure you have a plan for the whole morning or afternoon.

Remember, while aboard a Spinach you can stop anytime you want, adventure yourselves into ways not yet explored and you’ll always find your way back to the Spinach HQ.

Eco-friendly exploration awaits!

Purchase a Spinach Tours gift card and give the gift of sustainable sightseeing, as your loved ones cruise through Funchal’s streets in our innovative talking electric car.